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-- M. Duhon

I started seeing Renee after having two surgeries within six weeks of each other on my leg. Her messages have improved my leg more than the months in rehab! She is great!

Renee is extremely professional, always on time and a overall fantastic massage therapist. She truly has " magical hands!" As I write this I'm reminded I need to make an appointment!!

-- Shanna Wilkins

As a software developer, I spend all day hunched over a keyboard typing. This has caused problems with my shoulders for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can barely turn my head. Heavy pain killers and muscle relaxers barely made any difference, but an hour on Renee's table puts me back where I need to be.

-- Dave

-- Beverly Terry

I have been a client of Renee's for over a year and I look forward to my monthly appointments like a child looks forward to Christmas. Her massages leave me energized and relaxed and I highly recommend her to everyone.

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